About Formacompany.ie Ltd

Our company

We have registered thousands of companies in Ireland for customers all over the world. We are a well established Irish company, committed to incorporating your company on time and at a fixed fee.

We are members of the Irish Companies Registration Office (CRO) electronic filing scheme. We file all applications for new companies online under the Fé Phrainn scheme allowing for companies to be incorporated within 2-3 days. Only members of the CRO – Fé Phrainn electronic filing scheme can submit applications online.

Our company is a Department of Justice Authorised Service provider under the Irish, Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act, 2010.

We offer Company Registration and provide a Registered Office service to clients based internationally and locally. We have a full range of company Secretarial Services to ease the set up and management of your company, providing the opportunity for non-residents to incorporate a company in Ireland.

Formacompany have over 20 years experience in incorporating companies, we have registered offices in the UK and Spain and we incorporate companies in over 40 jurisdictions worldwide.

Our online company formation service includes cost effective incorporation and annual maintenance services for establishing tax efficient companies. We were incorporated on 1st November 1999 and our company registration number in Ireland is 314316.


We aim to make incorporating a company a stress free process for our clients, we organise everything simply and efficiently. The registration process in Ireland takes only 2-3 days (upon receipt of the signed application documents) and to ensure the process is efficient we have simple online forms, secure payments and easy document uploads. Our website make it easy to carry out the whole incorporation process online but, our experts are always at the other end of the phone. We guarantee to respond to all email and quotation enquires promptly.

What we do differently

  • We offer free company namechecks
  • Formacompany.ie Ltd are commitment in incorporating your company on time and at a fixed fee of €320.
  • Give clients a detailed quotation prior to any payments being made
  • We have a free online ask a question page where any questions are answered promptly
  • Once incorporated we can tax register your company
  • Assist clients after incorporation with services to help in the running of their businesses
  • We operate globally with offices in Ireland and register office addresses Spain and the United Kingdom

Contact Us Now

Contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have about company registration in Ireland. Phone us on + +353 65 6845815 or email ireland@formacompany.com