Company Formation Ireland for Non-Residents

The most common form of business organisation operating in Ireland is limited companies. We have over 20 years experience incorporating companies in Ireland.

If you are a Foreign National of the European Economic Area or from Switzerland you do not need permission to operate a company in Ireland.

You can incorporate a company in Ireland, however, if you are a non European Economic Area national and wish to actively operate in Ireland business permission must be obtained from the Minister for Justice and Equality.

Private Limited Company for non Irish Residents

For a foreign individual we can set up a company under an Irish Limited Company which, is fully compliant with the Irish Companies Act but, you may need the following additional services:

  • Provision of a S43 Irish Insurance policy Bond if you are a non European Economic Area resident limited company director, which we can organise
  • Provision of registered office address for a limited company which, we can provide
  • Company Permits & Start-ups

There are Immigrant Investor Programmes and Start-up Entrepreneur Programmes in Ireland.

If you are looking to start a retail, catering, personal services or similar business you must apply for the business permission scheme. All European Economic Area nationals are allowed to work in Ireland without a work permit. Non-EEA nationals require differing types of permission depending on their circumstances, please contact us with your specific requirements in registering a company in Ireland.

Corporation Tax

Non-resident companies carrying on business in Ireland are liable to corporation tax on their Irish-sourced income only. Under the Finance Act, 1999, all Irish-incorporated companies became resident companies, there are exceptions to this rule to accommodate the situation of multinational companies established in Ireland, the main exceptions are:

  • Irish-incorporated companies which are resident in a treaty country and which, is not resident in Ireland will continue to be regarded as non-resident in Ireland. Ireland has Double Tax Treaties with 44 countries.
  • An Irish-incorporated company which is under the ultimate control of a person resident in an EU member state or in a country with which Ireland has a double tax agreement and which carries on a trade in Ireland will continue to be able to be non-resident.

Non-resident companies must declare their country of residence, the name and address of any qualifying trading company in Ireland.

An overseas organisation intending to set up operations in Ireland should give early consideration to the manner in which its investment will be structured in order to avoid excessive taxes both in the home country and in Ireland.