NACE Code Classification – Subsection J to Subsection Q

Your Irish companies purpose must be outlined in its constitution and given a corresponding NACE code. When we incorporate your company we do this for you.

Section JFinancial Intermediation
67Financial Intermediation, except Insurance and
Pension Funding
65.1Monetary intermediation651
65.11Central banking6511
65.12Other monetary intermediation6519
65.2Other financial intermediation659
65.21Financial leasing6591
65.22Other credit granting6592
65.23Other financial intermediation n.e.c.6599
66.0Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory
social security
66.01Life insurance6601
66.02Pension funding6602
66.03Non-life insurance6603
67Activities Auxiliary to Financial Intermediation
67.1Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation,
except insurance and pension funding
67.11Administration of financial markets6711
67.12Security broking and fund management6712
67.13Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation
67.2Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding672
67.20Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding6720
Section KReal Estate, Renting and Business Activities
70Real estate activities
70.1Real estate activities with own property701x
70.11Development and selling of real estate7010x
70.12Buying and selling of own real estate7010x
70.2Letting of own property701x
70.20Letting of own property7010x
70.3Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis702
70.31Real estate agencies7020x
70.32Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis7020x
71Renting of Machinery and Equipment without Operator
and of Personal and Household Goods
71.1Renting of automobiles711x
71.10Renting of automobiles7111x
71.2Renting of other transport equipment711x
71.21Renting of other land transport equipment7111x
71.22Renting of water transport equipment7112
71.23Renting of air transport equipment7113
71.3Renting of other machinery and equipment712
71.31Renting of agricultural machinery and equipment7121
71.32Renting of construction and civil engineering
machinery and equipment
71.33Renting of office machinery and equipment, including
71.34Renting of other machinery and equipment n.e.c.7129
71.4Renting of personal and household goods n.e.c.713
71.40Renting of personal and household goods n.e.c.7130
72Computer and Related Activities
72.1Hardware consultancy721
72.10Hardware consultancy7210
72.2Software consultancy and supply722
72.20Software consultancy and supply7220
72.3Data processing723
72.30Data processing7230
72.4Database activities724
72.40Database activities7240
72.5Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and
computing machinery
72.50Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and
computing machinery
72.6Other computer related activities729
72.60Other computer related activities7290
73Research and Development
73.1Research and experimental development on natural
sciences and engineering
73.10Research and experimental development on natural
sciences and engineering
73.2Research and experimental development on social sciences
and humanities
73.20Research and experimental development on social
sciences and humanities
74Other Business Activities
74.1Legal, accounting, book-keeping and auditing
activities; tax consultancy; market research and public opinion polling;
business and management consultancy; holdings
74.11Legal activities7411
74.12Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities; tax
74.13Market research and public opinion polling7413
74.14Business and management consultancy activities7414x
74.15Management activities of holding companies7414x
74.2Architectural and engineering activities and related
technical consultancy
74.20Architectural and engineering activities and related
technical consultancy
74.3Technical testing and analysis742x
74.30Technical testing and analysis7422
74.5Labour recruitment and provision of personnel749x
74.50Labour recruitment and provision of personnel7491
74.6Investigation and security activities749x
74.60Investigation and security activities7492
74.7Industrial cleaning749x
74.70Industrial cleaning7493
74.8Miscellaneous business activities n.e.c.749x
74.81Photographic activities7494
74.82Packaging activities7495
74.83Secretarial and translation activities7499x
74.84Other business activities n.e.c.7499x
Section LPublic Administration and Defence; Compulsory Social
75.1Administration of the State and the economic and
social policy of the community
75.11General (overall) public service activities7511
75.12Regulation of the activities of agencies that provide
health care, education, cultural services and other social services,
excluding social security
75.13Regulation of and contribution to more efficient
operation of business
75.14Supporting service activities for the government as a
75.2Provision of services to the community as a whole752
75.21Foreign affairs7521
75.22Defence activities7522
75.23Justice and judicial activities7523x
75.24Public security, law and order activities7523x
75.25Fire service activities7523x
75.3Compulsory social security activities753
75.30Compulsory social security activities7530
Section MEducation
80.1Primary education801
80.10Primary education8010
80.2Secondary education802
80.21General secondary education8021
80.22Technical and vocational secondary education8022
80.3Higher education803
80.30Higher education8030
80.4Adult and other education809
80.41Driving school activities8090x
80.42Adult and other education n.e.c.8090x
Section NHealth and Social Work
85.1Human health activities851
85.11Hospital activities8511
85.12Medical practice activities8512x
85.13Dental practice activities8512x
85.14Other human health activities8519
85.2Veterinary activities852
85.20Veterinary activities8520
85.3Social work activities853
85.31Social work activities with accommodation8531
85.32Social work activities without accommodation8532
Section OOther Community, Social and Personal Service
90.0Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar
90.00Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar
91Activities of membership organizations n.e.c.
91.1Activities of business, employers’ and professional
91.11Activities of business and employers’ organizations9111
91.12Activities of professional organizations9112
91.2Activities of trade unions912
91.20Activities of trade unions9120
91.3Activities of other membership organizations919
91.31Activities of religious organizations9191
91.32Activities of political organizations9192
91.33Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.9199
92Recreational, Cultural and Sporting Activities
92.1Motion picture and video activities921x
92.11Motion picture and video production9211x
92.12Motion picture and video distribution9211x
92.13Motion picture projection9212
92.2Radio and television activities921x
92.20Radio and television activities9213
92.3Other entertainment activities921x
92.31Artistic and literary creation and interpretation9214x
92.32Operation of arts facilities9214x
92.33Fair and amusement park activities9219x
92.34Other entertainment activities n.e.c.9219x
92.4News agency activities922
92.40News agency activities9220
92.5Library, archives, museums and other cultural
92.51Library and archives activities9231
92.52Museums activities and preservation of historical
sites and buildings
92.53Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves
92.6Sporting activities924x
92.61Operation of sports arenas and stadiums9241x
92.62Other sporting activities9241x
92.7Other recreational activities924x
92.71Gambling and betting activities9249x
92.72Other recreational activities n.e.c.9249x
93.0Other service activities930
93.01Washing and dry-cleaning of textile and fur products9301
93.02Hairdressing and other beauty treatment9302
93.03Funeral and related activities9303
93.04Physical well-being activities9309x
93.05Other service activities n.e.c.9309x
Section PPrivate Households with Employed Persons
95.0Private households with employed persons950
95.00Private households with employed persons9500
Section QExtra-Territorial Organisations and Bodies
99.0Extra-territorial organisations and bodies990
99.00Extra-territorial organisations and bodies9900

Irish NACE Code Classification Index