Articles of Association

The Articles of Association lay down how a company is to be governed normally by choosing a standard set of articles provided within the Companies Act 2014 with appropriate amendments and alterations.

Irish Private Limited Companies are governed by Table A part II Articles. This document sets out the rules under which the company proposes to regulate its affairs.

Articles are required to be registered by private limited companies, public limited companies, a company limited by guarantee or an unlimited company. Articles must be printed and divided into paragraphs and numbered consecutively. A company limited by shares or a guarantee company not having a share capital may register articles with the Companies Registration Office. Model form articles are set out in the First Schedule to the Companies

Model Articles

If no articles are adopted, it is taken that the articles in the relevant table of the Companies Act 2014 apply.

Company typeModel articles
Public limited companyTable A Part I
Private company limited by sharesTable A Part II
Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capitalTable C
Company limited by guarantee and having a share capitalTable D
Unlimited companyTable E