Ireland step by step guide

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Business in Ireland

Setting up a Company in Ireland

A company will be incorporated by the Registrar of Companies after receiving this declaration.

Form A1 contains a declaration which contains the following:

  • General nature of the activity and the appropriate NACE code classification
  • Address in the State where the activity will be carried out
  • The central administration address of the company is also required

A company being incorporated which will conduct two or more activities within the State inserts the main principle activity on the declaration.

Timescale to Incorporate

Your new Irish company will be incorporated within 3 – 4 days.

Select your Company Name

  • Choosing your Company Name – Company names in Ireland must be distinctive and pre-approved for availability and acceptability
  • Submit the name of your company to us – we will seek approval of the name from the Companies Registration Office
  • We will carry out your Company NameCheck free of charge to see if your required name is available for incorporation
  • The Companies Registration Office has an advanced electronic name reservation system and we can reserve your company name for up to 28 days
  • Your company name must be unique and distinctive, you are not allowed to use a name which is identical or deceptively similar to a name that already appears on the company register

Company NameCheck

We will check on the availability of your proposed name at the Companies Registration Office and advise you of any potential conflicts with existing companies already on the register.

Share Capital

Select the number of shares each shareholder will have.

  • The Share Capital requirement is from €100
  • Company incorporation’s are completed with the issue of 100 shares of €1 each, unless otherwise instructed
  • Share Capital of the company is expressed in € – Euro’s
  • The nominal Share Capital is the total number of shares that can be issued by your company, we will incorporate your new company with capital of €10,000 to avoid having to increase the authorised share capital at a later stage, this freely allows you to issue additional shares without the need for a special resolution and an amended constitution to increase your authorised/ nominal share capital

Shareholders of the Company

You must decide who will be the shareholders of the Irish company.
  • Your company only requires one shareholder, although there can be several, the maximum allowable is 149
  • 100% overseas shareholders allowed
  • Corporate bodies are permitted to be shareholders

Company Directors

Decide who will be the Company Directors.

  • Directors of a company are the officers who manage the day to day affairs of the Company
  • Irish companies only require one officer, single director companies are allowed
  • At least one of the directors must be resident in the European Union
  • Where there is no director of the company whom will be resident in the EU the alternative of a Non Resident Director Bond or Resident Director can be put in place

Company Secretary

We provide a Company Secretarial Service to ensure that important statutory requirements are fulfilled.

  • Every company incorporated in Ireland should have a Company Secretary who will perform a variety of tasks crucial to the smooth running of your company
  • A Company Secretary has the legal duty of filing all required documents and accounts
  • A Company Secretary can be a natural person or corporate body

Principle Activities

The companies principal activity must be outlined in the documents for filing at the Companies Registration Office and given a corresponding NACE code.

Irish Company Constitution

An Irish Limited company has the capacity to carry on and undertake any business or activity and has a single-document constitution without any need for an objects clause.

The company constitution may be altered by special resolution of the company shareholders and then filed at the CRO, together with the relevant special resolution adopting the amended provision.

Irish Registered Office Address

Every Irish company must have a Registered Office in Ireland where registry notices, letters and reminders can be served on the company and we provide a Registered Office for your Irish company which is the official address of your business.

This does not have to be your trading address but it must be a physical address located in Ireland.

Procedure to Incorporate

  • We will complete a Company NameCheck for the availability of your proposed company name.
  • You can complete our online order form and make a secure payment online
  • We will prepare your Constitution and the document for the appointment of directors, company secretary and shareholders and outline details of the registered office address, authorised and issued share capital and assign a NACE Code to represent your principal activity
  • We email you the completed pre-registration and legal documents that will require your signatures
  • These documents require signing by the directors, company secretary and shareholders
  • We submit the documents with original signatures to the Companies Registration Office
  • We will then forward to you your new limited company formation package and all of the documents you require to start trading

Features of a Irish Limited Company

  • No obligation requiring Irish participation in the management of your company
  • Exemption for 3 years from Corporation Tax if your taxable profits are less than €320,000
  • Directors can be of any nationality but one must be EU resident
  • 100% foreign shareholders allowed
  • Equal treatment for domestic and foreign shareholders
  • Low Corporation Tax of 12.5%
  • Share Capital requirement is only €100

Irish Company Registers

All Irish companies must maintain a prescribed set of statutory registers; including the registers of shareholders, allotments and transfers of shares, register of directors, register of secretaries and register of charges.