Changing your Company Name

We can assist you to change a Limited Company name in Ireland, quite a few steps involved and it is surprisingly complicated, we will undertake the  required steps::

  • Check availability of proposed new company name
  • Preparation and filing of Companies Registration Office Form G1Q
  • Preparation of an amended Constitution for the company
  • Preparation of a Special Resolution
  • Directors Board Minutes to pass resolution
  • New Company Seal

For the completion of all of the above, our fee is €280 CRO filing fee €50

A company name change in Ireland takes around 7 days

Once a suitable new name has been decided upon, we will draw up for signature a special resolution to change your company  name and amend the name on the Constitution document.

Upon our receipt of the signed resolution we submit it with the amended Constitution to the Companies Registration Office and they issue a Certificate of Incorporation of Change of Name when the name is registered. The name of the company is not changed until the new certificate is issued.

When making an application to change the name of a company, the following must be submitted:

  • Form G1Q – Change of Name by Special Resolution
  • The amended Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution for the company

Changing Company Name Form G1Q

Company Number – This is the number given to the company when incorporated and is available from the Certificate of Incorporation.

Company Name in full – It must always appear as it is written on the Certificate of Incorporation, or on any previous change of name certificates, inclusive of all appropriate suffices (Limited.) and all punctuation marks, etc. matching exactly.

Special Resolution of the company – If an extraordinary general meeting was held, the address where and when the meeting took place must be entered.

Subject to the approval of the Minister the name of the company shall be changed to.

Form G1Q must be signed by a current director/secretary of the company and only one signature is required on this form.

Constitution/ Memorandum and Articles of Association

Form G1Q must be accompanied by the latest copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution for the company.

  • The text of the Memorandum and Articles or Constitution must be black, easily legible and presented on A4 white paper..
  • The new name of the company, inclusive of the appropriate suffix, should appear twice on the first page of the Memorandum and in clause 1 of the objects.
  • The Share Capital in the Memorandum and Articles or Constitution should always be the latest amount as reflected in the most current relevant documentation on file in the CRO.
  • The original subscribers’ page need not be completed. photocopies of subscribers details from the most current relevant documentation will be acceptable.