CRO – Late Filing Penalties

If your company is experiencing trading difficulties, the obligation to file an annual return can fall down your list of priorities. As a company director you should be aware of your company’s annual return date, we can assist clients with the preparation and filing their company’s Annual Returns.

Your company’s Annual Return Date can be extended to a later date if, it is 28 days before your existing filing ARD.

A late filing penalty of €100 becomes due in respect of your annual return on the day after your filing deadline. There is then a daily penalty of €3 per day accruing thereafter, up to a maximum penalty of €1,200 per return.

This penalty is in addition to your standard filing fee of €20 per return.

Late Filing Fee Waivers

Requests for the waiving of your late fee penalties must be submitted in writing to the CRO.

There are only a few exceptional circumstances when the CRO will accept late filing and waive the penalty, these include:

  • Force Majeure – if something like a medical emergency, death or family bereavement happens to one of the directors around the time of filing, independent documentary evidence must be provided
  • Delay or Non Delivery of documents you posted to the CRO, independent documentary evidence must be provided
  • Not for Profit Companies for the benefit of the whole community and charities are allowed to file late

Consequences of Late Filing

If you don’t file your Annual Return on time these are possible consequences for your company:

  • Late filing penalty
  • Loss of audit exemption
  • Prosecution of directors
  • Company strike-off

Company Struck Off

If your company is struck off we offer a company restoration service.