Forms after Incorporation

The main forms and documents completed after a company incorporation are:

Form B1 – Annual Return

A company must submit an annual return every year to the CRO. This contains details of the company’s number, directors, secretary, registered office, shareholder details and share capital.

Form B2 – Registered Office

A company notifies a change of registered office address by completing Form B2 within 14 days of the change. By law every company needs to have a registered office within the Irish jurisdiction to which all official documents, notices, court papers are sent or served.

Form B10 – Changes to Company Directors

Form B10 is required to be sent to the CRO within 14 days of a change occurring to the company directors, secretary or any changes to their particulars including change in a residential address. It is an offence not to so notify the CRO.

Special and Ordinary Resolutions

Form G1/ G2/ G1Q Special/ Ordinary resolutions which are presented for filing must be either printed or typed and dated. The resolution must be signed by a current officer of the company. It should be noted that special rules apply where resolutions are passed granting assistance by the company for the purchase of its own shares.

Form G1Q Special resolutions for change of name must be printed or typed and dated and the current name of the company must match that on the certificate of incorporation. No other resolutions should appear on this form. A copy of the revised constitution showing the new company name must be submitted with the resolution and Form G1Q.