Ireland Vat Registration

Ireland VAT Registration

Once we have incorporated your Irish company, we can assist with VAT registration.

If we did not incorporate your company, it will require the Registered Office transferring to ourselves, we can then assist with the VAT registration and undertake the necessary Due-Diligence.

Once your Irish VAT registration application is approved, you company is also registered on the EU VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

VAT Registration Service

VAT Application assistance & submission: €800
Due Diligence per Director/Shareholder: €80
Company Secretary (if required): €600

VAT Registration Requirements

The Irish Revenue Commissioners will only issue a VAT Registration Number to a company on being satisfied that the company is carrying on a taxable business in the State.

Registration for VAT requires a trading presence in Ireland, such as a physical address, (Registered Office address will not suffice), or staff, or evidence of substantial trading.

Your Irish company must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Having its own physical premises in Ireland, with human and technical resources
  • Having either an employee or director living in the country to show that there are individuals looking after the daily running of the business
  • The company must show evidence of trading to register for VAT

Ireland Intra-EU VAT registration

The Intra-EU number will provide a VAT number for goods and services to other businesses within the EU.

We can also register your company for Corporation Tax and PAYE/ PRSI.

Once your Irish VAT registration is approved, you are automatically registered on the EU VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

We will apply for Intra-EU status; this will ensure that you can make intra-community acquisitions.

To register your Irish company for VAT we require the following details:

  • Company’s expected turnover in the next 12 months
  • Activities of the company
  • IBAN number of your bank account

Irish Bank Account

VAT registration requires that you have an Irish bank account.

VAT Registration form

This is the form used to register a resident limited company who are not represented by a Tax Advisor.

VAT Registration Service

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