Fast Track Company Restoration

We can have a dissolved company restored by applying to the Companies Registration Office under their FastTrack scheme providing:

  • The company must make the application for restoration within 12 months of being struck off, otherwise application must be made to the High Court.
  • The company must bring their annual returns and accounts up to date
  • All filing fees and late filing penalties are paid
  • The company must not have allotted any shares during the period covered by the annual returns which are being filed
  • A completed form 11F must be filed with the Revenue Commissioners
  • A letter of consent to the company being restored is then issued by the Revenue Commissioners

We can assist clients who wish to have a company restored by preparing and presenting to the Companies Registration Office  all of the outstanding documents and make the application.

We will supply a Certified Certificate of Good Standing from the Registrar showing the status of your company as restored, this document can then be presented to your bank confirming your company’s legal standing.