Ireland Tax Agent

In Ireland you must register for tax with Revenue when you start a new company or partnership.

As your Irish Tax Agent we will correspond with the Irish Revenue on your behalf with regards to Corporation Tax and VAT filings.

Irish Tax Agent fees

  • Tax Agent for Irish limited Company – €720
  • Apostilled (ROS) Tax Residency Certificate – €220

Additional fees are payable for specific services such as filing tax returns.

A Irish company must file a notice of its existence to the tax authorities within 3 months of incorporation and must file a Corporation Tax Return no later than 12 months after its year end. Should either of these dates be missed then penalties and interest become payable.

As your Tax Agent, we will prompt you, and ensure that your company files documents on time

Our Tax Agent Service

As the Tax Agent for your Irish company:

  • We provide a tax preparation service to assist in filing returns and making a claim.
  • Have access to your Revenue record
  • Submit claims on your behalf
  • Receive correspondence in relation to any claims submitted

Tax Advisor Identification Number (TAIN)

As a Tax Agent we have a TAIN – a Tax Agent Identification Number

As your Tax Agent we can:

  • Talk to, and exchange information, with the Revenue Online Services.
  • Send and receive letters, forms and returns about the company’s tax affairs
  • File corporation tax returns and lodge accounts and tax computations on your behalf
  • Receive copies of all letter and notices sent to you
  • Obtain a tax residency certificate for any international or customs business.
  • Assist you with an application to register for VAT
  • ROS – authority to talk or to communicate with the tax authority on behalf of the tax payer
  • Monitor the online tax account with ROS, and monitor your balance and obligations; and advise you of any deadlines due
  • Appeals – ability to speak directly with experts in the case of an appeal and appeal against the assessment

Available Services

Once appointed as your company’s tax agent, we can assist with the following services:

  • Corporation Tax. It is mandatory for all Irish companies to register for Corporation Tax within one month of trading. The Corporation Tax rate in Ireland currently stands at 12.5% for trading income and 25% for non-trading passive income. Companies with non-resident directors may need to demonstrate an active trade in Ireland to successfully register.
  • VAT and ​EU trade. ​VAT import one stop shop and VAT Mini One Stop Shop for Agents – use this service to account for VAT due in other Member States on a single return on behalf of your EU and non-EU business clients
  • PRSI – If your company will be employing staff, they will need to be registered with Revenue. The company will then be liable to collect PAYE, PRSI & USC on all staff salaries and also pay PRSI for each employee at a rate of 11.05%.
  • VAT – €80,000 for goods and €40,000 for services.  The standard rate for most goods & services is 23%.

Registering for VAT

There are several very common situations which we can assist with:

  • Where a company needs to register and to collect VAT in Ireland.
  • Where a company wants to register for VAT in Ireland, because they have an Ireland company for European business
  • Where a company spends money regularly in Ireland, and need a VAT number to get VAT reimbursed
  • Submit VAT returns and change registration details
  • Apply for refunds

EORI Number.

Your company may need an EORI number to import and export goods from and to the European Union.

Registering for Ireland VAT – Overseas Clients

The simplicity and cost of Irish companies make them very attractive, however, getting a VAT number for general European business is more difficult.

Having a Tax Agent is usually a persuasive factor in allowing a company to obtain VAT registration. The ROS require evidence of trading or, that there is the intention to do business in the future and the factors that can be persuasive in your Irish company obtaining a VAT number:

  • Suppliers or Customers in Ireland
  • Having an Irish bank account
  • Rental of premises
  • Storage or manufacture of goods in Ireland
  • Employment of Irish staff
  • Appointment of an Irish Tax Agent

Voluntary VAT Registration

If you do not have an Ireland business establishment and are not resident here or in the case of a company incorporated here, you are a non-established taxable person but, you must still register for VAT in Ireland if you have taxable supplies in Ireland.

You may be entitled to register for VAT in Ireland voluntarily and claim back any input tax you have paid here if you have no Ireland business establishment but make taxable supplies here.

Each company must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Having its own physical premises in Ireland, with human and technical resources.
  • Having either an employee or director living in the country to show that there are individuals looking after the daily running of the business.

ROS Certificate of Tax Residency

We can request a certified and signed ROS Certificate of Ireland Residency which is Apostilled at the Consular Section, Department of Foreign Affairs.


We can obtain the EORI Registration after the Irish VAT number is issued