Irish Company General Information

Types of Company

There are two types of company, a private limited company and a public limited company.

The majority of companies registered in Ireland are private companies.

There are three main types of Private company:

  • Private limited by share capital
  • Single member private limited by share capital
  • Limited by Guarantee with share capital

There are two main types of Public company:

  • Public Limited company
  • Societas Europaea

Activity in the State

A company will not be incorporated unless it appears to the Registrar of Companies that the company, when registered, will carry out an activity in the Republic of Ireland. Activity means any activity that a company may be lawfully formed to carry on and includes the holding, acquisition or disposal of property of any kind whatsoever.

Form A1 contains a declaration which contains the following particulars:

  • General nature of the activity and the appropriate NACE code classification – If the activity cannot be classified under the NACE code, a precise description of the activity is required
  • Address in the State where the activity will be carried out
  • The central administration address of the company is also required

A company being incorporated which will conduct two or more activities within the State inserts the main principle activity on the declaration.

Company Namecheck

We can check on the availability of your proposed name at the CRO and advise you of any potential conflicting names with companies that already exist on the register.